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If you already know how to enter the darknet and have chosen the KRAKEN website for shopping, you may have a question, but how to buy a product step by step. What you need to do to pick up the desired ban. We give recommendations and tell you how to buy on kraken onion.

Detailed analysis of how to buy goods on 2krn?

Before you choose the desired product, you will need to replenish the internal account of the kraken site. You can top up your account in several ways, this can be done directly with your crypto wallet or make a transfer from a bank card. The kraken also has an internal functionality of the exchanger, which allows you to transfer money from other wallets, for example, if you have qiwi or other electronic money. Select the account from where you want to replenish, enter the amount and replenish the account. Next, choose a product and sell. To do this, on the left side of the site there is an expanded menu with categories. You can select the desired category and then browse through several sellers by selecting the one you would like to work. Next, select the goods from the seller and proceed to payment. After you have paid for the goods, you will be given the coordinates by which you can come and pick up the treasure. Remember that the deal you made with the seller is valid for 1 day. During this time, you need to close the deal and leave a review, or the system will do it automatically after 24 hours.